Tips for Protecting Your Skin in the Sun

With summer here outdoor activities are on the rise. Longer days and shiny rays welcome these lazier dog days. Here on the Gulf Coast the beach is a weekend staple. Add to that list more gardening, boating and backyard fun. One item One Source wants to help you keep off of that list is sun damage.


Here are tips for protecting your skin in the sun.



Let’s take a look at the top 3 places you’ll likely be this summer.


  1. Beach: The beach gets our love in summer. The reflective nature of the gulf beach sand and its popularity make it a prime place for sun damage. Education is the key to protecting your skin at the beach. Be aware that although the rays feel more potent at noon, mornings are also high time for sunburns. Overcast days with clouds will also let in harmful rays.
  2. Yard: Whether you are an avid gardener or hosting relaxing backyard barbeques it’s important to protect your skin. The longer days and laid back nature of the season make it easy to throw on flip flops and tank tops sans sunscreen.
  3. Camps: Summer camps for children present a prime opportunity for sun damage. In the scurry of getting out the door in the morning sunscreen and protective clothing are easily forgotten. Dress for protection if possible with at least a hat for protection.  Remember to apply sunscreen first thing in the morning. Send a small container in the backpack for reapplication. If the child is old enough give clear instructions on when and how to reapply sunscreen themselves. Especially in camps that have heavy sweating or swimming this is important.  



Now let’s take a look at 3 tips for protecting your skin anywhere you’ll be.


  1. Sun safe clothing

The scalp is a big target for skin cancer. Why? We forget to protect it. Wear broad-brimmed hats when in the sun. Baseball caps also helps protect the scalp and face from harmful rays. Long sleeved, breathable shirts and skim guards with SPF are good routines too.

  1. The right sunscreen applied often

It’s best to apply sunscreen every morning as part of your daily routine. This is good practice year round but especially in summer. Choose products that match up with the activity. Choose waterproof sunscreen for swimming or activities where you’ll perspire. Stick-styled sunscreens for the face help alleviate running into the eyes. Spray sunscreens are a big hit with kids and teens.

  1. Makeup rules

The good news for women and teen girls is that most powders and foundations contain at least SPF 15 or higher. This makes it easier to be protected during everyday activities. Take time to inspect your makeup, discard what doesn’t have sunscreen and replace it with protective products.


Make protecting your skin from the sun part of your summer loving routine. One Source Healthcare is here to help if you encounter sun damage or have more questions.


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