Taking Care of Your Employees: Injury Prevention

As a business owner, your most important asset may not be what you think. Your number one priority is not necessarily sales or even clients. It’s your employees. It’s worth repeating that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. That’s one of the reasons why occupational health and safety is so important to keeping your organization running smoothly.

When you place importance on preventing on-the-job injuries and ensuring a safe environment for your employees, the end result is more present and productive employees and heightened job satisfaction. Not to mention decreased costs of doctor visits and procedures.

At OneSource, we’re all about prevention. An injury or spine/neuro-musculoskeletal disorder can be triggered by something as minor as back pain. If an employee has a history of a weak back, he or she is more likely to develop worse conditions on the job if the pain is not treated properly and promptly. This is especially true in industries such as trucking, transportation, manufacturing, or warehousing, or those involving prolonged periods of sitting.

One of the simplest and most crucial ways to prevent injury is to provide your employees with the best in healthcare services, including regular chiropractic and wellness visits. When you partner with a healthcare provider like OneSource, we work with employees on their personal structural care, lifestyle and nutritional concerns. We also provide quick, efficient and reliable services like DOT physical exams, urine analysis and drug testing so you can keep your employees as healthy as possible.

Your business needs a partner that can assist you in providing the best healthcare services to your employees. Visit our website to learn more about OneSource’s occupational healthcare services and view these tips from Dr. Davis Kinney for fighting back pain at home:

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