Knee Pain (Causes and Treatments)

Having knee pain is not only painful and discomforting, but can also affect your everyday life movements. It is important you know what is causing the pain as well as treatments that can help before it gets any worse.

Knee Injuries

If you’ve injured your knee in a fall at work or in a car accident, this can explain your knee pain. The injury itself is a good identification that your knee can have further joint damage whether it is old or new pain. Damages include meniscus tears which are otherwise known as cartilage rips and sprained ligaments, all of which can cause inflammation and flare-ups.

Overuse of Knee Movements

Repeated knee movements at work such as bending or overdoing of exercise along with the pain, will cause irritation and can affect prepatellar bursitis. Soreness is another symptom of patellar tendinitis that affects the tendon. Even pain on the outer side of the knee is a sign of the iliotibial band being affected through its tough tissue.

Arthritis Known Diseases

These include juvenile arthritis or Osgood-Schlatter disease seen in younger teen patients that cause ache and swelling. Osteoarthritis disease is usually seen in the elderly after many years of arthritis pain. These diseases are known for pain in the joints especially when active movement is involved.

Dislocation or Misalignment

These non-injury causes of knee pain are simply conditions that affect the knee itself. Dislocation of the knee is caused when the kneecap slides out-of-place. Alignment problems usually occur when the knee cannot bear the weight of the person and can develop into patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Chiropractic Care for Treatment

The safest type of treatment for knee pain is going to see your chiropractor. It does not involve drug medications or surgery and is solely used to check the cause of the problem through x-rays along with advanced technology and therapy treatments that ease the pain over time.

Viscosupplementation Injections for Treatment

If you suffer from knee pain due to arthritis, then these injections can help with relief that requires no downtime or side effects and is said to improve the effects and even be long-lasting. Made from a natural substance called hyaluronic acid, they act like a lubricant to reduce the knee pain.

Your last resort to knee pain could be surgery, if your doctor does not see a change or improvement through these non-surgical treatments or the severity of the pain is unbearable that a knee replacement is needed.

Please consider these safe treatments for knee pain by chiropractic care or viscosupplementation injections done by professionals at our office at OneSource Healthcare.

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