Keeping Your Joints Healthy

May is recognized each year as National Arthritis Awareness Month. According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is a disease that impacts more than 50 million Americans, making it the number one cause of disability in the country. That means 1 in every 5 adults, 300,000 children and countless families are affected by at least one of the more than 60 types of arthritis (Types of Arthritis).

Although you might think arthritis affects only older people, it can affect young people, too. It is important to be proactive early in life to help support your joints and ultimately prevent the onset of arthritis. A joint is where two or more bones are joined together. Many joints have cartilage on the ends of the bones where they come together, and healthy cartilage helps you move by allowing bones to glide over one another. It also protects bones by preventing them from rubbing against each other. Keeping your joints healthy will allow you to run, walk, jump, play sports and do other physical activities. There are many ways to keep your joints healthy:

  • Exercise: Children and teenagers should get 60 or more minutes of exercise a day. It’s also important to warm up and stretch before exercise. How to exercise with arthritis.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Avoiding excess weight puts less stress on your joints, especially in your knees, hips, and feet. This can help reduce the wear and tear that may lead to arthritis later in life. Also, drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day is vitally important for the health of your joints. Dry arthritic joints need to stay hydrated with an adequate water supply. This simple tip can have a dramatic effect on joint pain and range of motion. Here are some more ways to eat an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Avoid injuries: When exercising, always warm up with dynamic stretches and don’t push yourself too far.
  • Get plenty of sleep: New studies show sleep deprivation can make joint pain worse and can even accelerate joint damage. Our bodies need a minimum of 6-8 hours of regenerative sleep.

If you are continuing to suffer from joint and knee pain, there are many options for relief. Visit our website to learn more about OneSource’s treatment options.

Watch Dr. Troy Alderman share about osteoarthritis:

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