Exercise Physiology at OneSource

Happy New Year! It’s no secret that one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to develop a healthier lifestyle, which more than likely includes increasing physical activity. For some people though, the thought of exercise is intimidating or even seems “impossible” due to physical pain they are experiencing.

OneSource Healthcare is proud to have Brittany Herring, exercise physiologist, as part of the team. Unfamiliar with exercise physiology? Put simply, exercise physiologists help people become their best physical selves. That can be as varied as helping athletes reach peak fitness, guiding people in their journeys to lose weight, or rehabilitating patients suffering from chronic illness.

“Exercise can be tricky,” says Dr. Davis Kinney of OneSource. “It’s not just exercise that helps; it’s the right exercise, applied in the right way at the right dose and the right frequency.”

If you think you can’t exercise or are struggling to get moving due to pain or chronic illness, Brittany and the OneSource team can design a personalized program to fit your needs so you can begin to increase your function and movement. Schedule an appointment today at onesource-healthcare.com or call 229-439-1950.

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