Are you ready for allergy season?

The dreary winter months are behind us. Longer Spring and Summer days are here.  This means more outdoor activities for most people. Whether it be sports, barbeques, yard work or beach time the season is here.  But for the millions of people suffering from outdoor seasonal allergies that type of fun is not always on the calendar. Here in the … Read More

Baby steps: 3 child poison prevention tips

Kids do the darndest things. But did you know a child under the age of six experiences an accidental poisoning every 14 minutes? If we think like a toddler, it’s not hard to see. Small children love to put things in their mouths. Many of these items look pretty, too. While this is to persuade us as consumers to buy, … Read More

Urgent Care Myths Debunked

Emergency rooms are becoming more and more crowded as time goes on, in turn making urgent cares a popular alternative. However, although the number of people receiving treatment from an urgent care has increased, there are still some misconceptions about them. Let’s get those myths debunked! Check out some common urgent care myths that are 100% not true below.   … Read More

Preventing Heart Disease

February is unofficially known as the month for love. At OneSource, we’re focusing on love, too. More specifically, the heart. Unfortunately, heart disease is a leading cause of death – with many static factors like family history, sex and age – but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as your fate. There are many practical ways you can … Read More

Exercise Physiology at OneSource

Happy New Year! It’s no secret that one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to develop a healthier lifestyle, which more than likely includes increasing physical activity. For some people though, the thought of exercise is intimidating or even seems “impossible” due to physical pain they are experiencing. OneSource Healthcare is proud to have Brittany Herring, exercise physiologist, as … Read More

De-Stress During the Holidays

Not feeling the “comfort and joy” this holiday season? For many people, the holidays bring an increased sense of family responsibility and additional feelings of stress rather than the endless joy portrayed in media and on social networks. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re doing more work than enjoyment with all the travel, family gatherings and long to-do lists. … Read More

Stick It to the Flu

Although we are beginning to see more people come in with flu symptoms, it’s still not too late to get your flu shot. Get your flu shot today at either OneSource location in Albany or Bainbridge. $0 copay with most insurance.* Already have flu symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle aches and cough? It’s important to contact your OneSource physician … Read More

Flu Season – Fighting Back with Vitamin D

Written by: Dr. Davis Kinney Based on the number of flu cases we have seen at OneSource over the past couple of weeks, it appears that flu season has arrived. Beyond the flu vaccine most of us feel helpless when it comes to avoiding the flu. While most people think of Vitamin D only in terms of building strong bones, … Read More

Back to School Health Tips

As gears are shifting with the start of school, it’s a great time to think about your family’s health. After a long summer break, it’s time for the kids to begin focusing on classes, sports and other after-school activities. To ensure everyone has a safe, healthy year, here are some back-to-school tips we recommend for the entire family: Get a … Read More

Preparing for Fall – Sports Safety Tips

Summer may be in full swing, but now is the time to prepare for the fall sports season. Sports like football and volleyball can be fun extracurricular activities for your child athlete, but there are a few things to keep in mind to encourage proper training and prevent injury: 1. Pre-season Medical Screening – Every athlete should receive an annual … Read More