Diet Trends to Avoid

Diet trends seem to come and go each year. There’s always a new one that people are raving about and cannot believe the results! With so many diets available, how do you know which diet will work? Read on to learn which diets you should avoid and why!

The Military Diet
In 2019, the military diet has got to go! This diet calls for fewer than 1,000 calories each day and emphasizes processed foods like hot dogs or saltine crackers. Seriously, what kind of a diet promotes processed foods? It boasts promises of losing 10 pounds in a week, but you are only allowed five saltine crackers, a slice of cheddar cheese and a small apple for breakfast. While the military diet may cause weight loss, it needs a huge makeover to be considered healthy!

Keto Diet
The Keto diet may be the hottest diet of 2018. This diet consists of 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbs. The goal is for your body to use the fats as energy instead of using the glycogen. After around four days, your body turns to a state of “ketosis.” While you will see weight loss during the keto diet, it is not sustainable!

Paleo Diet
Probably the second runner-up to the Keto diet, the Paleo diet emphasizes meat and avoidance of grains and legumes. Those who do the Paleo diet have a high intake of red meats and animal proteins. They also eliminate dairy, grains, legumes and many fruits. While it may result in weight loss, there are also health risks associated with the Paleo diet. These can range from fatigue, headaches, constipation, mood swings, increased risk of heart disease and more!

Gluten-Free Diets
A gluten-free diet is great for those who have celiac disease, also known as a gluten sensitivity! However, if you don’t suffer from gluten sensitivity, it is not necessary to avoid it. Gluten is a protein that is naturally found in wheat, barley and rye. When you remove gluten from your diet, it doesn’t reduce calorie intake or induce weight loss. Steering clear of refined carbs that contain gluten isn’t a bad idea! But, it is unhealthy to avoid high fiber carbs that have gluten like grain bread.

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