Coronavirus and Urgent Care

Our Commitment to You During COVID-19 and Always:

With the worldwide concern over the new coronavirus COVID-19 we want to let you know about the steps we are taking at OneSource Healthcare to ensure your health and safety while in our office.

First, we are monitoring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for information updates for Healthcare Professionals to remain up-to-date on the latest information available about the virus and their best practice recommendations. 

The early symptoms of COVID-19 are the typical flu-like symptoms with body aches and lethargy. The virus attacks the lower respiratory tract so it produces a deeper cough and fever.  Milder upper respiratory symptoms like runny nose and a sore throat are probably from seasonal allergies or more common cold viruses. Strangely, so far the virus does not appear to affect children. 

If you feel like you have coronavirus symptoms, particularly if you have traveled to an area of the world with an active outbreak or think you could have been exposed to someone else infected by COVID-19, you need to self quarantine and go to the Emergency Room of a local hospital.  If you are feeling flu symptoms, we are still seeing a significant amount of routine flu cases in our area. Please call for an appointment letting the receptionist know of your symptoms prior to coming to the office so we can prepare for your visit.

In both our Albany and Bainbridge offices we are taking the following steps to help prevent the spread of any viruses:

  • Asking all patients to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands when entering and leaving our office.
  • Providing masks for any patient exhibiting symptoms of cough or fever
  • Providing a separate “well” waiting area for our patients
  • Allowing patients to wait outside in their vehicle and alerting them by cell phone when their provider is ready to see them.
  • As always, wiping down all contact surfaces in our treatment rooms and therapy areas with an antiviral/antibacterial agent after each patient encounter.
  • Keeping tissues available throughout the office and encouraging patient to throw away the tissue after use. 
  • Reminding our patients and staff to use the “vampire” cough method by using the crook of the elbow to cover your mouth.
  • We are reminding everyone to keep your hands away from your face, particularly your mouth, nose and eyes. This is hard to remember, but this is probably the most common means of transfer of this type of viral infection.

While there are no reported cases of the coronavirus in our area at this time,  we want to engage in an abundance of caution to keep our patients and staff healthy. 

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about COVID-19.  The links below are also an excellent way to stay informed with latest accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic. 

Facts About Coronavirus

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