Specialized Areas of Care

Knee and Back Pain Treatments

Pain can seriously affect your life and you shouldn’t just live with it. At OneSource, we are constantly working to find the cause of your pain. Your specific pain may come from any number of causes; it is our goal not only to find these causes, but also relieve your pain.

We treat a wide range of pain including back, neck, arm or leg pain, muscle strains or disorders and pain resulting from accidents or injuries, both personal and work-related. Because pain is complex, a multi-discipline approach is used to create a patient treatment plan.

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatments

Your busy life has you bending, stretching and pulling in different directions. No wonder your back is hurting. Don’t just tolerate the pain. Let’s fix it.

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Knee pain

Knee Pain Treatments

Whether it’s the wear of daily life or your love of running, your knees can take a beating. Give them the attention they need and get a new bounce in your step.

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