Are you ready for allergy season?

The dreary winter months are behind us. Longer Spring and Summer days are here.  This means more outdoor activities for most people. Whether it be sports, barbeques, yard work or beach time the season is here.  But for the millions of people suffering from outdoor seasonal allergies that type of fun is not always on the calendar. Here in the Gulf Coast area, as you look at the weather, you’ll see “high pollen count” across the week’s forecast. This can definitely put a damper on fun plans.


Take a look at these statistics from The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America:

  • 50 million Americans suffer from allergies


  • Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness


  • Allergies are a top reason for lower quality of life from symptoms like sinus headache, daytime fogginess and eye and nose runniness


  • In the workplace, allergies cause not only absenteeism but “presenteeism,” the term used to describe employees at work but not at their best.


Here are 5 steps to take to make sure you and your family are ready for allergy season:


Step 1: Get tested: By far, the most important first step you and your family can take is to see a medical provider to be allergy tested for those of you who suffer. With so many different varieties of allergens in the environment and air, there is really no way for you to self-diagnose allergies. Allergens range from dander, pollen, dust and more.


Step 2: Start-and stay-with your prescribed medications. One mistake many allergy sufferers make is waiting until their allergies are at their worst to take action. It’s important to get ahead of allergy season so that you can make it through the season with minimal suffering.


Step 3: Extra Spring Cleaning: If you haven’t begun this process, it’s important to get going with it. Pay close attention to mattresses, rugs, furniture and other places dust can collect and go unnoticed. If you have already Spring Cleaned-congratulations! Take note to go back and tend to areas you may have overlooked that could be culprits. Finally, remember to change your air filter.


Step 4: Keep a close eye: with our modern technology, it’s simple to stay abreast of the pollen count in your city. Be sure to watch this forecast weekly so you can be prepared for what’s ahead for you and your allergies.


Step 5: Keep windows closed: it looks very romantic on television. People opening their windows every morning to the bright, crisp air. What you don’t see is all of those pesky allergens floating right into the house! Resist the urge to open windows in your home. This only lead to more allergens being around you and your family, settling onto your furnishings and wreaking more havoc on your immune systems. There are plenty of outdoor allergens to be exposed to. Maintain control inside if you can.


With these allergy tips you can now to make this

Spring and Summer easier to enjoy.


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